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Life In A Nutshell Life In A Nutshell

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

The nickel represents procrastination.

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FrostDrive responds:

It sure does! Along with sidetrack...ness.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very nice.

I love the art direction, the message, the sound and the story. Actually, it reminds me a lot of The Little Prince.

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The Northern Incident The Northern Incident

Rated 5 / 5 stars

...I don't get it

Traditional horror build up, cool, then all of a sudden furries and... what just happened? I feel like I was trolled and I don't know how. If that was your intention, then 10/10.

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ZombieMurderExplosionDie ZombieMurderExplosionDie

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Competent, but nothing new.

The humor seems good and the characters seem likable enough, but the novelty of zombies is running dry, and this just looks like Total Drama Island meets Left 4 Dead. If I see it on TV, I'll give it a chance to impress, as it does seem like something I could potentially like, but it doesn't look particularly memorable as it stands.

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Awesome Reach Awesome Reach

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Strange, disturbing, over-the-top, but... old.

Ever since Awesome Center, your movies seem to quickly devolve into a frantic clusterfuck of yelling and exaggerated visuals. That may be part of the original appeal, but that wasn't ALL it was. I mean, this one is pretty much interchangable with any major game release; it doesn't say anything about nor parody anything about Halo Reach with the quick wit and comedic subversion of important game elements that I loved in Metal Gear Awesome and many of its shorter follow-ups. You want my advice? Stick to the games you know and love well. That'll give you some real material.

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The Only Thing I Know The Only Thing I Know

Rated 5 / 5 stars

An interesting and thought provoking message.

Let me be the first to admit that I love video games and I play them often. I have to disagree that they don't improve intelligence or reflexes, because, at least in my experience, they certainly have.

I noticed in the ending sequence, you noted that in the time it takes to create a level 80 WoW character, one could read War and Peace, Moby Dick and the 7 Harry Potter books. But in reality, is that any more productive? Books and games are both forms of escapism, they just offer different kinds of immersion and communication.

I've been able to relate a discussion on Plato's cave allegory to the plot of Fallout 3. I understood the message of The Scarlet Letter through one of Dr. Breen's speeches in Half-Life 2. I recreated the story of the Little Prince through a level in LittleBigPlanet. I guess you could say they've given me quite a boost in school.

Like anything, video games are good in moderation and even better if you get something good out of them. If you were never able to gain any productive end or satisfaction out of video games, then I'm proud of you for quitting them.

Video games let me get through the day and I can safely say that they have expended my thought processes, knowledge and imagination. But that doesn't mean I'm not afraid to broaden my horizons when opportunity calls. And guess what? I'm certainly having a damn good life so far.

But everyone has different values, interests and cognitive functions; video games don't really need to have anything to do with it. You have your life, I have mine. Make the best of it with whatever you enjoy. In the end, that's the only thing I know.

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CirrusEpix responds:

I believe reading requires a different type of mental intelligence. But you are right that you can let other things dominate your life.

Mario's Recital Mario's Recital

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Very funny, but your description ruined the surpirse.

$00pah NiN10Doh! $00pah NiN10Doh!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Truly hilarious, accurate, and over the top.

A fantastic collab and a well made video game satire. Kudos. But while I loved it overall, it had it's ups and downs. I'm kind of OCD, so I'll give the individual lowdown.

Mario Party 287 - Couldn't be a better or funnier image of how ridiculously luck based Mario Party is. I mean, I like the game, at least for the minigames, but I find it hilarious how spot on this one is. 10/10

Excitebike Wipeout - YEAHHH!!! TOTALLY EXTREEEM!!! Simple, but funny. 8/10

Low, Low, Low - I laughed, but it was kinda meh. 6/10

Olimar Forgot - I'm sorry, but it wasn't that good. It was well animated, but the punchline didn't work. 4/10

Revenge of Metaknight Part Un - So funny I choked laughing. There is no line I didn't laugh at. 10/10

Duckbill Hunting - Also a choke-laughing one. Probably my favorite! FOR THE MOTHERLAND!!! 10/10

Starfox Perventures - Pretty funny and well animated. The voices were actually so accurate, I thought they were the original actors! 9/10

Pokemon Snap XXX Part Un - Erm... a little TOO well animated. It didn't really fit in with the rest of the collab, but... you have... talent...? At least we now have a way to separate the men from the furries. (And just out of nerd rage, Scyther does not evolve via stone. It needs to be traded with a metal coat.) WTF/10

The Majesty of R.O.B. - Hilarious. "Dahhhh Spaceboat!" I loved the look on the gamer's face. 10/10

Campfire of the Four Swords - Just fantastic. You really gave them distinct personalities. Red's my favorite. "You never wonder anything because YOU DON'T THINK!"

Kongcest - Not as eccentric as the Pokemon Snap XXX one, but still disturbing and out of place. WTF/10

Crazy-Wario's Microgame Emporium - Ah, Wario's always a laugh for me. SWEET RAVE PARTY!! 8/10

Planet of the Kongs - I half-died laughing at Miyamoto's voice. "What the herr is a gooing on a desuuuu-ka!" 10/10

Cook - Friggin' hysterical. I loved the headchef's script and voice. 10/10

Master Hand Throws a Fist - More simple slapstick. More laughs. 8/10

Pokemon Snapp XXX Part Deux - ENOUGH ALREADY! I think you're enjoying this TOO much, Richie. 2/10

Fire Emblem Truths - Didn't find it funny. 1/10

Revenge of Metaknight Part Deux - Still loved it. Metaknight's reaction to Kirby was funny. "Ai chiuaua no bueno..." 9/10

Starfox Drama Mission - A funny three-for-one. "Personally, I prefer your mom!" 9/10

Pokemon: The 5th Generation - Yeah, I think they overdid it on the legendaries too. Loved the guy who was like "Ffffffffuck!" 9/10

Tonight, on Tetris - A good joke made better with tetris blocks. I loved the BLOCK magazine. But they could have had a recessive Z-block gene for all we know. Maybe they should have had a paternity test before L-block killed his buddy. 8/10

Subspace Emissary: Final Battle - I loved Tabuu's nonchalant voice. He sounded like a speaker on a supermarket PA. I loved Lucario's "I DON'T KNOW WHICH ONE'S WORSE!!!" An automatic 10 for Metal Gear Awesome reference and that sweet Brawl-Theme Remix in the credits.

Overall, I think Zito won the collab, Kirbopher second. And Pikanjo, next time don't overdo it.

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Legend of Miyamoto Legend of Miyamoto

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

An excellent, creative flash.

Short, yes, but very cute and well executed. The only reason that I took off a point is that it doesn't really do him justice. Sure he made Mario, Zelda, and DK, but he could have gone through more of his games. IIRC, he created StarFox, F-Zero, Pikmin, among others.

And to Dimazor24, he did not create Metroid, so it wouldn't fit in here anyway.

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Awkward-Squid responds:

I was planning to include Pikmin, Yoshi and F-zero, but did not have the time. From my research, I don't think Miyamoto created StarFox, but I could be wrong. I'm glad you're still able to enjoy it though, I hope to make a sequel paying proper homage one day.

Sonic Shorts: Volume 2 Sonic Shorts: Volume 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Ha! True hilarity!

Opening- The inclusion of the Rabbid dressed as a Chao is an auto Vote 5 from me! 10/10

Menu- Just awesome! Very well drawn and great transition between the characters. 10/10

Scene 1- Normally, I'm not very into the whole "Shipping" thing, especially with Sonic characters, even if this is a parody, but I found it to be very funny! 8/10

Scene 2- Lol! So true. DEVIANTART!!!!!! 7/10

Scene 3- The fluidity and abruptness is what makes it funny! 9/10

Scene 4- Personally, Silver is probably one of if not my favorite Sonic character. Nonetheless, his characterization here feels frighteningly fitting. And Sonic's reaction is just priceless. 10/10

Scene 5- Big is my least favorite character in the series, but since it's clear you were making fun of him, you get my favor. Also, what's that button in the bottom left corner that takes you to the next scene for? 7/10

Scene 6- A good punchline, but the coloring feels a bit weird and Knuckles voice feels odd here. 6/10

Scene 7- What's this song from? Oh, and thanks for the M. Bison cameo! 7/10

Scene 8- Probably my favorite scene. When Big looked under Amy's dress, I just couldn't stop laughing! 10/10

Scene 9- Yeah, I've wondered that too. Come to think of it, why is Sonic slower on foot in Sonic Riders? 8/10

Scene 10- I've seen the original scene on YouTube. A good parody of it. 7/10

Scene 11- Meh. 4/10

Scene 12- I can see it now: Sonic the Hedgehog: The Musical! Definitely a very original idea! 10/10

Scene 13- Funny art style, but I think Benny Hill would've been better suited than Tiny Tim. 6/10

Scene 14- Also quite hilarious! A great recreation of the Frogger setting no less! 10/10

Scene 15- Funny idea, but it's not really... Sonic-y enough to fit in with the rest of the collab. I mean, you could've put anyone in Sonic's place here and it would really have been the same thing. 5/10

Scene 16- I miss those guys. Bonus points for nostalgia. 9/10

Scene 17- Um... what? 4/10

Scene 18- Didn't see an LoZ reference coming! Seriously, these are hilarious, you should make some flash series following the antics of Big chasing Froggy everywhere! 10/10

Scene 19- A little drawn out, but really funny nonetheless. I lol'd at "The More The Merrier" and "Get a load of this!" 8/10

Scene 20- Ah, the classic Sonic Sez. I rofl'd when Sonic slapped Tails! And the GI Joe thing was funny too! 8/10

Credits- Pretty funny antics, that's all I can say. 7/10

Tails Doll- I fucking shat bricks. TO ALL YE WHO WISH TO FIND THIS SCENE, CEASE YOUR SEARCH AS YOUR MIND WILL BE WARPED FOR LIFE!!! %u221A-10/10 (FYI, that's an imaginary number. my mind is so warped from that I can't give you a score with an existant number.)

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thewax70 responds:

Thanks for the review, we really appreciate it.